Back on the road … Mexico and USA

Back on the road … Mexico and USA

A year waiting for the borders between the United States and France to reopen. With the hope of the 4th of July gone, I had the plan B. A few words of Spanish in my repertoire and the frustration of not being able to communicate, made me resist this Mexican trip, sesame to enter the USA from France.

I studied the different trajectories in great detail, studied all the possibilities I could find, updating the restrictions daily, and I finally took off on July 7th, toward Cancun, to answer my soul’s call. I was almost angry at her for wanting to leave at all costs! Traveling in these chaotic times adds a bit of stress to the border crossing.

But not only that, to make my trip more epic, here I am boarding a plane under the eyes of heavily armed police officers! Were they tracking down outlaw vacationers?

Back on the road …

On the road or not, talking about restrictions also means talking about the most divisive subject at the moment. The vaccine! My spirit, eager for freedom and respect of my own sovereignty as a human being suffers from a discrimination, more and more marked, for those who choose not to be vaccinated.

Three weeks since my steps joined the continent of North America, and France seems to officially forget its symbols of liberty, equality and fraternity. At 8000 km from Toulouse, I thank my soul for making me live a reality other than the one of the “pass sanitaire“.

But it’s time for tacos! What could be better than tasting empanada, pan de elote, and hojaldra de jamon y quesos, to soften the general world atmosphere and spare it from all sterile and divisive debates! And since it’s so hot and humid, let’s go cool off in one of the 2000 cenote of the country ! A program that makes me forget the incomprehension of an obsolete travel ban and the illogical and stupid rules (would the power prevent to think correctly? )

Just enough time to finish my pack of lemon peanuts (my new addiction ha ha), here I am, 15 days after my arrival, back at the Cancun airport, crowded with tourists from all over the world, ready for my direct flight to Denver, Colorado! People are swarming all over the place, laptop in hand, trying to fill out the online health questionnaire. A human anthill, including many French people, who have come to Mexico to take refuge for their vacations.

All good ! “All good” the agent said, after a small unpleasant half hour, questioned by the American immigration who still does not understand that I can desire to stay here 6 months. Well, what am I going to do during all this time? “It’s a long time…” he said with a disconcerted look as if I was going to be struck by boredom. Nothing to do with the Covid then, but the suspicion of wanting to immigrate illegally when the idea comes to you of wanting to travel several long stays!

But it’s time for burgers! So let’s meet in Boulder (not far from Denver) at Reynold and Cédar’s, my American family, for the next part of the trip!

Thank you to those who accompany me on my way, from near or far.

Hugs for you, and good luck !

To be continued…

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