After-sales of Human Nature

After-sales of Human Nature

It’s raining.

Fifteen days of rain with only a few sunny spells and I take refuge in Netflix. The excuse is to practice English. Getting caught up in a series is like walking into a bakery with the smell of a chocolatine coming out of the oven. Even if you know all the mechanisms and the stratagems of the writers, you get caught up and can’t resist gobbling up three episodes in a row!

The rain is a convenient scapegoat. To dissect the mechanisms of human nature through an irradiated planet Earth and A.L.I.E. – an artificial intelligence – ready to do anything to save humanity from the city of lights, not sure that it helps me find a goal in life. And Pascal who is no longer there to cut his nails at the bottom of the garden, nor to talk to Figaro his big cat boy!

It is raining. At the slightest ray of sunshine I escape to swim in the ocean but when I get out of the water my mind is playing ping-pong.

I have no job! [Ping] I don’t “do anything” and it will take as long as it takes! [Pong] I have no professional goals [Ping] Taking time is an excuse because I am stuck in conditionings [Pong] Think about money [Ping] I don’t like overconsumption [Pong] If I don’t do anything then I don’t honor Life?! [Ping] I am happy to take care of myself [Pong]… [Ping Pong Ping Pong Ping …]

Every pitch is ridiculously sprinkled with guilt. Guilt is fun. 1001 different flavors to subtly spice up the dishes of life. But misplaced guilt is as useless as misplaced spice! It burns your mouth, you lose all other tastes and you cry!

Call me the manager! The head of the Human Nature Department!

[Tone] “All lines are currently busy. Please call us back later.” The switchboard is saturated. Almost eight billion people on planet Earth are looking for instructions … …

I insist.

Human Nature Manager (HNM): ” Hello. What can I do for you? “

Mariepeties: ” Hello, I would like to know when I will let go? “

HNM: [Laughter].

Mariepeties: …

HNM: ” Umh, excuse me. Do you have “Love” insurance? Also, from birth, the ZEN+ plan offers the best guarantee of letting go. “

Mom didn’t check the box. Poor her, she did the best she could with her almost empty emotional toolbox! And Dad didn’t read the contract.

HNM: ” If I understand correctly, you no longer want to be bogged down by family conditioning, societal conditioning etc., limiting beliefs and fears… I see in your case file that our best compensations no longer satisfy you. As far as awareness is concerned, we have the Cancer option which works quite well. Ah! but I see that you have also experienced it! I am sorry that it was not enough. But it was a step, wasn’t it? Ah, but I see that you have earned the much sought-after “CONFIDENCE IN LIFE” badge with your experiences! You have a good background of treatments and therapies of all kinds, tons of readings, spiritual rituals, why don’t you hit a pillow?, or scream in nature, listen to music, that’s good, isn’t it? … “

I am stubborn. Very stubborn. Would my mind be the mussel hanging to its conditioned rock? What will make the champagne cork pop, Jesus!?

HNM: ” … But don’t worry madam, it always letting go eventually. When and how, I can’t tell you. You’re not the first to ask. [Laughter]. You understand that it wouldn’t be funny. It is written in the rules, those informations are confidentials, for security reasons, we don’t know them ourselves.

Human Nature is a very well orchestrated system. The sales department does not promise any miracle solution, but tools exist to help you. What didn’t work yesterday could work today and vice versa. Everything depends on the moment, the circumstances, different parameters in the evolution of your being, so listen to yourself as best you can! A method that works for one person may not work for you, and of course this is no reason to give up! As you build your toolbox, in addition to finding a solid anchor, you build a beautiful interior and it shows on the outside, because at HUMAN NATURE you are worth it! Thank you for calling us and please feel free to contact us again! Remember to take our satisfaction survey. “

Then I won’t worry. One day – Whap! – I let go.

Until then …

“Don’t forget that the Earth is sacred and that the best way to pay homage to it is to feel happy on it” Isabelle Clerc

See you soon.

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