My life in Fiji

My life in Fiji

Under the tropical rains for more than a month in Suva, you almost found me completely nut ! The phone drowned in the pocket of my waterproof jacket and its nights in the rice, the old phone sold a few days ago, the clothes that begin to mold of moisture, mosquitoes still warriors… Luckily my taste buds have found comfort at Golden Ocean SeaFood (Flagstaff Plaza) with its tuna tataki and finally a pizza worthy of the name !

After ten days at Luna’s home playing the Mary Poppins of cleaning, Friday, April 26th it was time to board the ferry Lomaiviti Princess for a night across the ocean toward Taveuni (via Savu Savu) ! I disembark with a beautiful sun and the promise fulfilled to meet again the family of Manasa and Mizhpa !

Are you always ready for a total immersion in Fijian life ?

I am taking you to Naiyalayala village at Manasa and Mizhpa and a bunch of kids in the new house built last year but still without electricity (Fiji time !). Without electricity and without toilet paper … Your time being precious, you prefer that I develop the chapter on the open hours of solar panels of the village to recharge at Mizhpa’s uncle or the chapter of survival without the sweetness of some quilted paper ?

Pee break !

Water and hands available for the big gluteal cleaning push me to make a big cultural leap. Although I hear the ecological reasons for such a maneuver, psychologically I’m not there yet ! Where are the Japanese toilet with super integrated jet, light and music ?? Nothing better to play down that to plunge back into anecdotes of this excellent book « Comment chier dans les bois » that I advise you even if your side adventurer never brought you in the bush.

You’ll have some papayas ?

To me a good fruits cure ! To make up for fried eggs in a ton of oil and fat food. And I am not talking about the many table spoons of sugar in tea that pose a real health problem. Tons of papayas are generously donated by Mother Nature but this is not part of eating habits ! What a pity ! On my request, Manasa and Mizspa grab them regularly for a treat of my stomach !

Kakatakata ! It’s hot !

It’s time to swim in the ocean and on the way back – before tackling the climb – a small fresh swim in a river. The house has a magnificent view of the ocean and the sunset has delighted me since my arrival. The island offers lush vegetation, songbirds and bats by thousands and the starry sky soothes the mind before going to sleep.

Do you want to drink kava or do you want to watch a movie without sound ? Do not go to bed without drinking your bowls of kava, alternating with dried tobacco cigarettes and finely rolled in newspaper *. I do not like kava. And if I tickle a little I see that the Fijians do not like this earthy drink either ! I see some make the same grimace as me ! The relaxing effect wins over the bad taste. Bad taste soothed by a lollipop … or alcohol ! All the profit of socialization can quickly turn into an alcoholic fight ! Better then to be on the side of the CRT screen TV without sound or remote control, the time it heats a little and you can hope to associate the words to the image.

Holes in the garden ?

Not for shitting in the woods, but for cans or other non-combustible garbage. You will tell me, it’s not much compared to the tons of overconsumption industrial waste all over the world. You will tell me, the island is not overpopulated (9000 inhabitants in 1996) nor overexploited tourists. With the means available, they can not do better than to transform their garden in municipal dump and my heart wishes that things evolve for a better treatment of the waste, the food, the conditions of life and health.

A visit to the dentist … but not only that …

I was going to talk to you about the dentist in Suva before to catch a small erysipelas when I arrived on the island, bedridden with a good fever. The visit to the hospital is another story that you will find in another post.

See you soon, after my convalescence !

Thanks to Corinne B. who kindly translated this post.


Ils fument tout du long de la journée aussi.

Et l’électricité alors ? Elle marche avec les panneaux solaires sur des tranches horaires qui varient suivant les jours mais généralement tout les soirs à partir de 18h/19h jusqu’à 22h.

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