Rainbow State

Rainbow State

Aloha ! Welcome to Hawaï ! Welcome to Maui !

Turtles taking a nap on the beach, walks in the yard’s muddy lush grass – for it rains a lot in Haiku -, first try at delicious Acai Bowl, fireworks from Kunta’s terrace on New Year’s Day 2019, good meals shared with Daniel from Quebec on vacation for six weeks at Phil’s, stargazing delights, dances to the sound of ukulele …

While you are digesting chocolates and French king cakes, I am exploring my new environment in Maui. Until January 12th, I will be staying at Phil’s place – somewhat boorish at first sight – where my job involves cleaning the house as well as the Airbnb rooms for rent, taking care of the garden (there are always some palm fronds flying away daily) and, in addition, updating the Internet website, all of it in exchange of accommodation and a few meals ! The former windsurf world champion rises early, very early, and on days when I feel like setting the alarm for 6 AM, I can come along with him and swim in Kama’olé ! After swimming for an hour with turtles keeping us company (what a pleasure !), he carries on cycling for 2 hours and windsurfing for 1 hour while I take a nap on the beach.

On your way to work yet ?

Oh no ! You will miss my ten days in San Francisco, Dusty the cat and the magnificent Victorian house at Christmas (Of the two of us, who keeps company to the other ?), the fuck;!ç,x,!ing phone problems, couchsurfing at Manny’s and the few days at Amin’s in Berkeley !

I won’t mention the Uniqlo jacket I bought just before I left, which is no at all waterproof, and my desire to smash the saleswoman’s face in : “I live in Lille and I have that same jacket, of course it is waterproof”! Being 7500 miles away, I get off to a bad start if I want to give her a right hook and all I can do is email the customer service !

Before you leave, will you have a shave ice ?

Dome-shaped crushed ice in a cup covered with colored sweet syrup : rainbow-colored Mr Freeze junk food as a local specialty, yuck !

Oh ! Look over there !

Can’t you see the huge rainbow over the horizon ? Missed it ? Come back tomorrow, Hawaii offers this sight once or several times a day ! Mahalo (Hawaiian word for Thank you).

Lucky you to hear all those stories, the immigration service almost sent me back to France ! But that’s another story.

I’ll be writing soon to make you discover the other beauty spots of this island !

Thanks to Corinne B. who kindly translated this post.


Maui is one of the islands of the Hawaiian Archipelago

I get back to Maui and turtles, 7 years after my trip in Hawaii in July 2011, during my around-the-world trip.

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