Surf with the whales

Surf with the whales

Instead of the Seven Sacred Pools, I’ll take you surfing ! How about that ?

A few days before my flight to Fiji, Shane, met at the Sunday Beach Dance A few days before I fly to Fiji, Shane (whom I met at Sunday morning Beach Dances) takes Maïwenn and me in his custom painted car to a surf lesson ! Two hours spent with whales jumping out of the water and beautiful tails over the horizon were good enough to make me want to try it again ! Good deal ! A strong denial about my imminent departure already affects me so standing on a surfboard is further added to the list of reasons for my coming back. Denial or no denial, the American immigration took care of sending me an email reminding I had 10 days left to leave the U.S. not to overstay the 90-day travel period !

Before surfing in the waves,

I’ll take you every Friday morning to speak French with Hélène and Romylynn’s conversation group, eat a vegan dinner at Swaroop’s at 4 PM – what do you mean it is snack time ? -, work for Aisha and take care of Madeleine, watch free hula shows at the Lahaina Cannery Mall (quite good) and the ones at Four Seasons but nothing to write home about except for the live music (you’d rather enjoy the Moorea Sofitel shows in French Polynesia), glowing sunsets, a new tattoo on my ankle, swim with turtles, Ségolène’s culinary creativity and marvelous meals, an undercooked lemon pie due to a Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees mix-up (along with a fit of the giggles), a thrilling garage sale, paddle a canoe in Hawaiian in Kihei, stacks of crêpes, Mochi Ice creams (a killer !!!), a free meal at the church, belt out Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you […] driving to Po‘olenalena Beach Park, twenty or so turtles resting on Baldwin Beach at dusk, and the encounter with Dericke and his van !

Is the weather fine back home ?

For my last week in Maui, winter sat in with still chilly morning temperatures in Kula. But winters are mild along the coast ! Hawaii just like Reunion benefits from many microclimates !

Before I go to Suva on Viti Levu, Fiji’s largest island, let me introduce you to the smiling spider. Have you met before ? While talking about tattoos, I expressed surprise at the sight of this type of arachnids** on the Web photo galleries: loads of ideas for horror movies huge tarantulas that might as well be 3D to be more realistic ! But none delicate and smiling ! And that’s when Ségolène says : “Have you heard of the smiling spider?” Click here to discover this amazing flashy spider.

What about a magic trick before immediate boarding ?

Would you like to make a day in the calendar disappear ?

Way too easy. On March 17th at 3 AM, you take a 6-hour flight from Hawaii. You will land on March 18th at 8 AM. March 17th simply disapeared ! In the opposite direction, you live the same day twice !

After 3 months of hearing « Let me DOUBLE CHECK », I invite you to watch Gad Elmaleh’s sketch The American Dream for a relaxing break !

Come on, let’s go to Fiji !!

Note : fortuitous search for spider tattoos that is unrelated to the new tattoo

Thanks to Corinne B. who kindly translated this post.

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