The healing hut

The healing hut

Really my third trip to Fiji have booked many surprises !

I left Taveuni with the movie Titanic broadcast on board the ferry. What a funny idea ! Toward Suva. And to wait for a package that will be blocked at French customs more than a week. The chocolate bars, the chestnut cream, and the dried mangos of the blues mood rescue operation are desired.

I arrive at Sigatoka at Tessa’s house (remember, Luna’s mom, Luna, who I worked with for about ten days in Suva) without my treats but ready for the spring cleaning and reorganization of the garage that will become a space for the “helpers”. If you add the pancakes, the coconut pineapple crumble (thank you Gâtooo Lé La for the recipe), sawing bamboo for outdoor toilets and curtain sewing, you get a glimpse of my occupations in this beautiful house where Tessa lives. , Brad the dad, Run one of the girl, Julius the youngest, Molly who works for the family, Heddwyn and Calen the other 2 helpers.

It’s good to live here, the atmosphere is warm and for the occupation of my free time, there is Maria who comes to massage me at home, city strolls to enjoy rotis, SURF !!!!, yoga, a weekend at Marie’s home with Heddwyn for gardening in intense heat, succulents meals, giggles with the endless language training on the pronunciation of “chestnut”, the series of Hunger Games with Heddwyn in the bure, prepare pancakes for the pleasure of Julius who smiles when he sees me to prepare the dough, and the walks on the beach !

Here I did not want to leave … My departure re-planned June 2nd, I would have re-shifted it !

It’s time for the ceremony …

in the hut of healing. And the encounter of two sisters. A leaf tea from a hundred-year-old tree, words, the energy of Life, a care, dream big and feel peace. Thank you Tessa.

Before boarding, does that suit you a spa ?

Before taking the plane, Tessa offers me a natural spa. A scrub with sand and “I do not tell you more”. What a beautiful invitation all offered by Nature. A beautiful ritual, on a beautiful beach, sand, mud and a bathing rinse in the ocean to come out with a baby’s skin.

Michael will come and say goodbye at Nadi airport. I would like to tell you another story about the notion of time in Fiji … but time is running out !

Live twice the same day ?

Too easy, Sunday June 2nd at 5:20 you fly from Fiji for about 6 hours to Hawaii. You arrive on June 2nd at 2am ! It’s gone for a new Sunday !

The miracle of a nocturnal arrival and a passage to immigration in 30 seconds !

Head to Martha’s home on Big Island – one of Hawaii’s islands – for two months of macadamia nut pie ! Yum !

Vinaka vakalevu

Thank you very much, Tessa, Manasa, Michael, and your respective families for your welcome and all the good times. Marie Stephens, Hedd-wyn, Calen and all the beautiful encounters.

Thanks to Corinne B. who kindly translated this post.

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