Trankil Trankil

Trankil Trankil

Hey ! Qi manier ? Korek ! (How aye you ? Good !)

Before taking you for more new adventures, will you come and go fishing with me? What about staying a little longer in Rodrigues? The yellow vests led me to stay a few more days on the island and thus I attended, as a collateral damage, a birthday party with BBQ octopus (yes indeed, Jord, this is going to be THE new Rodriguan specialty !) and a bowl of Ti’ Punch ! Have you ever blown out a candle on grilled octopus ?

Reschedule a return flight and carry on enjoying bats flying over the trees, Marie-Lou’s delicious chocolate coconut pies, a concert in Grande Montagne and fakir magic, a beautiful starry sky, best honey in the world, games of billiards punctuated with Adel’s playfulness – I was moved by this fun boy about ten years old – , and Ti’ Punch again and again with Carlos, Elea, Camille, Vanessa and any Rodriguan kitesurfer !

Go to the boat !

Time to go fishing ! At dusk, I get on board along with Eléa, John and Alberto. If my butt narrowly escaped the hook (Ouch ! John removed the hook that only just brushed my bottom), two big jackfish who will end up in our plates.

Cheers ! Time for a drink !

Drinks at any time : rum and beer, as soon as you wake up, at the beach kiosk. If some are hungover all day long, I wonder about the genetic mutations helping others to hold out! Rodrigues is one of the many islands that aren’t unfortunately safe from alcoholism.

Have I told you I was living in Mourouk ? This is THE kite surf SPOT! Don’t try and find me in the ocean, the wind is out of breath and postpones my first shortened lesson until another trip

I had not said that I lived in Mourouk ? THE SPOT of kitesurf ! Do not look for me in the water, the breathlessness of the wind postpone to a next trip my first traded kitesurf course.

Are you stuck in a long line at the supermarket with a Christmas tree in your cart ?

Fine ! I was about to introduce you to Marcel and some of his anecdotes, the Mauritan tourists (the only ones watching TV at Jenny’s) and Hélène – a friend met at the acting workshop  – dancing limbo ! While I’m sitting in the high-speed train to Toulouse with the smell of lychees emanating from my backpack, what if I told you about the Rodriguans mixing up the words “he” and “she” when they speak French ? 99% of the people I have talked with systematically switch feminine and masculine (once you get it, it is much easier !). What about teachers ? And it all becomes more amusing when little Adel says to me, patting on my head : “«T’es vieux» (meaning “You’re old”… but for a man) !

I’ll be meeting you in the States …

Thanks to Corinne B. who kindly translated this post.

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